Hello I’m Violet.
I heard you want to see my knickers and that’s easy to understand since I have the best ones in my wardrobe. It’s not just knickers either, bras, thongs, suspenders, baby dolls more than you can imagine, pretty much everything. And of course I only have the best labels because well, that’s what I deserve. Donʼt we all? From the sensual silks from Ayten Gasson to the feminine frills of Fleur of England, there is always something for me to wear, no matter what mood I'm in.

I hold the belief that too much is never enough, which has ultimately brought me to where I am today. To be honest, my lingerie collection made me the talk of the town but not like that. Women everywhere were coming to me to get help when they wanted to spruce up their boring drawer of knickers and panties into an entire closet of options. No woman should feel limited in underwear just because the majority of the world doesn't see it. In fact, that’s what makes it so special. Our underwear, lingerie and loungewear are something so exclusive, often there are times when we are the only ones who see it, and maybe that one special person if they're lucky. It’s about time we started paying more attention to it.

My wardrobe has four different, but equally important elements.

1. Lingerie

My lingerie includes everything from bras, briefs, slips, chemises, bridal-wear, thongs, suspenders…Take a look at all the choices yourself to believe me when I say I have everything.

2. Sleepwear-Loungewear

Still, the most fabulous of women like myself, still hold value in comfort, especially in sleepwear and loungewear. But no nighties with cute teddies or kittens here! Just like I won’t compromise comfort in my loungewear, I won’t compromise style either. Comfort, pleasure, and seduction all live harmoniously with my loungewear.

3. Swimwear and Beachwear.

Even if you just put your toes in the water, the perfect swimsuit is key. Mixing and matching separates, to trendy one pieces, and of course the essential cover-up when you just want to stay in your bikini all day long–whichever element you need, I’ve got all the options…

and for when you're feeling extra seductive, my Ultraviolet collection.

Ultraviolet is sort of on a different level. Think of the sex appeal, and empowerment you feel in regular lingerie, and then multiply it by ten. That’s how I want Ultraviolet to make you feel. Like much else in my wardrobe, you'll have to see it to believe it.

“I hope I can help you create a lingerie wardrobe that’s so glamorous you won't want to put your clothes on.”

Violet x