Virtual Media Group is an international video marketing firm specializing in producing compelling video sales presentations. VMG helps businesses increase sales by telling the story of what they do, and why people need it.  The firm does this in a way that speaks to target audiences, both logically and emotionally, through marketing videos that are memorable and affordable.
From its St. Louis headquarters, VMG helps businesses around the corner and around the globe increase leads and sales via impactful videos. In addition to local small-to-medium-sized businesses, VMG serves a wide range of worldwide companies such as Xerox, Allstate Insurance, Union Pacific Railroad, AAA, MasterCard and the U.S. Marine Corps.

Virtual Media Group was recently awarded Small Business Monthly’s “2014 Best in Business – Best Marketing Firms Award” and “2015 Best in Business – Best Quality Award.”

VMG is the only video marketing firm of its kind. Offering 10 different video styles, VMG specializes in producing compelling video sales presentations that can be translated into eighty different languages.

Video Styles:
•     Whiteboard
•     Blackboard
•     Product
•     Software Demo
•     Infographic
•     3D Animation
•     Narrated Virtual Tours
•     Service
•     Training
•     Hybrid

A video presentation will enhance your sales and marketing efforts by ensuring that your message is being relayed in a compelling, professional and consistent manner every time. You can include your video on your website, in emails, at tradeshows, during sales appointments, and on your social media sites. Your message will be reaching more people than ever!