Mission Statement: To help local businesses establish effective marketing strategies that result in sustained growth.

Goals and Objectives: Our goal is to be the leading digital marketing agency in the business communities we serve. We will achieve this by providing our customers with effective online and offline marketing solutions that are aligned with their industry, their ideal customers, and their growth goals.

Business Philosophy: We believe the entrepreneur is a foundational piece to our economic prosperity and we are passionate about helping them grow.

Industry: The internet has transformed the way business is conducted and no business will flourish, let alone survive, without a visible online presence. A gap frequently exists between what a small business needs online and what they have in place, especially in the beginning stages of their endeavor. Those with smaller marketing budgets are often overlooked by marketing agencies. We step in to fill that gap with effective budget-friendly solutions.

Strengths and Skills: Michael Cahill, our founder, has a background that spans military, corporate, retail, sales, management, and ministry environments. Starting as a digital freelancer in the early 2000s, he developed expertise in multiple digital marketing disciplines. This broad understanding has been instrumental in establishing strong project teams to deliver effective customer solutions on time and on budget.

The key to small business marketing that produces results is combining the right mix of solutions at the right time. There are thousands of strategies, tactics, methods, and tools available for digital marketing. Having so many choices often prevents a business owner from doing anything, or worse, choosing a solution that is not the right fit for their business.

With our Observations & Opportunities™ assessment, we do a gap analysis and prioritize this list into an actionable plan. The key is implementing the right mix of available options at the right time and that's what we do best.

Legal Structure: VISIBIL is an LLC formed in the state of Georgia

Target Market: We primarily serve independent restaurants, home improvement companies, and service providers.

Closing Summary: Small business owners can be overwhelmed with the options when it comes to online marketing. We eliminate their confusion by expertly deploying the exact strategies, methods, and tools needed at their stage of growth.