Since 2002, VoiceNation has been the telecommunications industry leader in 24/7 live answering and virtual receptionist services for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
But we're also more than that. Much more.
We are innovators. Developers. We go beyond the call with dedicated customer engagement, treating each of our clients' customers as if they were our own. We are continually disrupting the virtual receptionist industry, taking it to new heights by developing proprietary technology designed specifically to support the ever-changing and increasing needs of our clients, as we see them arise in real-time. Our new innovations in message taking, reducing hold time and lead capture is unheard of in our industry. We continually roll out new features and software, consistently marrying technology and innovation with unparalleled customer support.
Our goal is to help our clients build meaningful connections with their callers for a fraction of the cost of them hiring staff in-house to handle the same volume and provide the same services. We believe in the keystone habit of providing excellent encounters for every customer, and our services help busy professionals capture more leads and grow their business by never missing calls.