Seth Densen, a social worker and child welfare services advocate, has come forward as the newest candidate for the 86th Florida State House of Representatives Seat. Densen understands the complexities and intricacies of the South Floridians whom he will represent, and is ready to take on the systemic injustices and emergent issues of Palm Beach County and the broader state for a brighter future for all in Florida.

“I have a track record for standing up for what I believe in and defending Palm Beach County and its residents,” said Densen. “We need leaders that will change the tide and speak up for those who are repeatedly silenced. Let me elevate your voice to make lasting change in our state and secure a hopeful future.”

Running as a democrat to replace Matt Willhite, who is departing the District 86 seat after three terms, Densen is prepared to champion issues that will benefit all Floridians. Densen has over two decades of experience in social work and previously worked with the state government as a proponent for many of the most vulnerable in Palm Beach County, including children and the elderly. Given his experience working with the community and witnessing the state-level issues that hold so many back, Densen knows what needs to be done to effectuate macro-level changes that will uplift and empower Florida residents.

“I’ve seen firsthand the need in Florida for structural change; the dismal funding for education and our children’s futures, child trafficking, elder and child abuse, adoption, LGBTQ+ and women’s discrimination are all very real issues that take place in our backyards. We need to work together to create an equitable framework that serves every citizen and ensures our community is headed in the right direction for years to come,” he stated.

Among Densen’s top issues are education and child welfare funding, homelessness and mental health services, and infrastructural growth and stability. Above all, he is focused on prevention and appreciates the enduring benefit of being ahead of the curve to remedy issues before they turn into crises. His career working with and for the community has given him the unique foresight into the issues South Florida will face in the future if they go unanswered today. Therefore, he is running to repair infrastructure, provide more affordable housing and better access to preventative quality healthcare, drowning prevention, and reform for safe gun ownership to prepare the future for its best.

Densen backs this up: “We can fight for the long-term safety and health of all of our citizens. We can fight for quality education. We can fight for better streets and homes. Palm Beach County, Florida needs representatives that will look beyond politics and come up with thought-out, real solutions for the people that will continue to positively impact the area for generations to come.”

From the early age of eight, Seth Densen expressed wanting to serve others as a social worker. He always had the aspiration to support and protect the most vulnerable. Having been born premature three months and weighing under two pounds and overcoming subsequent challenges with seeing and hearing impairments and learning disabilities, Densen was always a fighter, and his experience from the start shaped him to be the fierce and passionate individual he is today.

With determination and hard work, Densen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Studies and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. As he runs, he continues serving the Florida community with his impactful social work at Jupiter Medical Center and is an adjunct instructor at Florida Atlantic University’s Phyllis and Harvey Sandler School of Social Work. He is married to his wife, Pam, with whom he has three children who have grown to follow in his footsteps as avid volunteers for those in-need. Densen can empathize with the obstacles many have to go through and has now risen as a defender for all in running for office and following his lifelong pursuit of being the voice for the silent.

As South Florida continues to manage around the COVID-19 pandemic, rising wealth disparities, and the climate change crisis, Seth Densen knows that he is the man to make a difference: “Our country calls for local and state leaders that can build bridges, inspire action, and address the policy issues faced by so many in our state today. I am ready to do that work.”

To learn more about Seth Densen’s campaign and policy issues, you can visit his website at www.votedensen.com. Volunteer opportunities to help with the campaign are available as well.