What is Wake Up and Dream?
Wake Up and Dream (WUAD) is a 501(c)(3) public charity that operates in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  The corporation works both independently and in collaboration with various other charitable organizations to focus on non-political advocacy, philanthropy, service, and education.

What is the mission of WUAD?
Inspired by the belief that everyone has a valuable resource to invest in a better tomorrow, Wake Up and Dream's mission is to awaken the next generation of responsible citizens; deeply engaged in philanthropy and involvement in the community.

Why was WUAD created?
While many social change organizations help individuals find volunteer opportunities in their community, Wake Up and Dream helps individuals find volunteerism in themselves.  In today’s world, too many people take advantage of all their community has to offer without giving back.  Wake Up and Dream was created to put an end to the excuses:  I’m too busy to get involved in my community; I don’t have the resources to take part in philanthropy; I lack the skills necessary to be a good volunteer.  

How does WUAD accomplish its goal?
Wake Up and Dream works to “involve the uninvolved” by fusing social change with their everyday lives - turning school assignments into service projects, social events into community education, professional networking events into fundraisers, and recreational activities into a means to spread issue awareness across the community.  WUAD encourages community action by promoting the idea that giving back can be easy and fun.