Walker’s Legacy was founded in 2009 as a quarterly women in business lecture series designed to inspire women of all ages to walk into their professional passion and purpose.  It was developed after founder Natalie Madeira Cofield found herself in need of female mentors and role models during the formation of her first entrepreneurial venture.  As she searched, she noticed that other women around her were also looking for positive, successful and accessible examples of women in business.   Walker’s Legacy was born from the communal goal of developing an open forum for women to engage and inspire.

The original series was named in honor of Madam C. J. Walker the first self-made female millionaire in US history and a historical female entrepreneur, a biography that Cofield read often when she needed inspiration.

Since our founding roughly five years ago, we have evolved to establish Walker’s Legacy as a professional collective that works to promote the career advancement, skill sets and networks of women in business and women entrepreneurs.

Through our interactive programming, WL has hosted former female mayors, award winning journalists and authors, Forbes-ranked businesswomen and entrepreneurs from across the country for our empowering and educational programming.

Women who engage with Walker’s Legacy, affectionately known as Walkers, are women who aspire to start their own businesses or are looking to enhance their knowledge of achieving success in corporate America and their network of like-minded progressive women.

OUR MISSION: To cultivate an eco-system of access designed to inspire, equip and engage a global network of emerging and established businesswomen of color.

OUR VISION: To embody the legacy of Madam C. J. Walker by establishing the future generation of enterprising female millionaires of color.