The No-Cash Allowance by New London, WI  author, Lynne L. Finch, was  named the winner of the prestigious 2005 Mom's Choice Awardâ�¢ in the parenting category. The Momâ��s Choice Awards is a national awards program honoring great books, whose content and design are stellar and noble, which will assist parents, teachers, and loved ones in choosing approved books for children. Momâ��s Choice Awards are governed by a board of distinguished judges & advisors including Twila C. Liggett, Ph.D., Creator/Executive Producer of PBSâ�� Reading Rainbow and Julie Aigner-Clark, Creator of Baby Einstein and the Safe Side with John Walsh.

�We would like to congratulate the winners and participants!� said Tara Paterson, Founder of the Just For Mom Foundation. �With so many new titles each year and the challenge of finding inventive titles for our children, we are happy to present the Mom�s Choice Awards as a means to help parents and educators seek approved materials that will inspire children to create, explore and learn.�

When it was time to start allowances, Finch was managing the family finances by check and credit cards and, in a moment of inspiration (or desperation) decided to pay her children with credit because she didn�t have enough cash on hand. This became the basis for The No-Cash Allowance, a money management system designed to help children learn to manage both cash and cashless transactions.

The topic is timely for parents who may be unsure how to teach their children about money management given the many ways people now spend money without using cash. �Children need to learn that there are different types of money, each with its own set of unwritten rules,� says Finch. �Parents are the only people who can give their children experience learning to manage and keep track of spending in a safe environment before they leave home.�

In the book Finch explains how to children can learn to manage money that never exists in the form of cash. This day-to-day money management includes activities that enable children to learn about debit card spending, automated teller machines (ATMs), electronic transfers and credit spending. Activities and concepts are included for children from pre-school through high school.

The 120-page book, with bibliography and index, is illustrated with clever piggybank drawings created by Chicago artist, George Eckart, who also designed the cover. Charts and illustrations explain the concepts of money as they apply to teaching children. Sample account pages show how the no-cash allowance system can be used for all types money that move in and out of the child�s home account.
The No-Cash Allowance is $16.95 plus tax and is available online from, and