WalnutRow.com provides parents with the information and tools they need to help their kids learn how to manage money. Lynne L. Finch, author, blogger and speaker, helps parents give their kids a financial education at home through her easy-to-use book, “The No-Cash Allowance.”

Finch believes that parents are the best people to provide financial education for their children. She explains that, “As a society, we're going cashless and it's time to help our kids master the skill of managing  money that they can't see or touch.”

Starting with written accounts helps kids get hands-on practice keeping track of their own money as a number instead of cash. As they get older kids manage their own checking and savings account in financial institutions.

Parents can download forms for kids to be able to track their own money, a core principle of the book which is written as a guidebook for parents of kids ages 3 to 18. Age-appropriate activities and examples guide parents through the process.

WalnutRow.com also includes Finch’s blog, addressing such topics as, why financial literacy classes and piggy banks don’t teach money management, how kids view money, and when to start teaching kids money management.