Warriors with Lashes offer a full line of skincare and cosmetic products.  Mineral based, organic, natural, gluten free and hypoallergenic available.  No animal testing and goes by European ban of 1400+ known harmful chemicals rather than the 10 in the US.

We are a team of independent Representatives that work from home  part time making a full time income from our cell phone or PC, utilizing social media platforms to promote and sell our products.  Warriors with Lashes has openings for others who wish to join our team.  Other than the initial small kit fee, there is never another fee.  There are no restock fees or autoships, no monthly quotas, no website or order processing fees.  Products ship right from the warehouse, directly to the customer.

From our Flagship product in 2012 - the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes to  our Liquid Gold / Photoshop in a Bottle Touch Liquid Foundation, our products are high end quality at a midrange price point.  All are backed by a generous 14 Day Full Refund Guarantee and a 90 Day Exchange Program.  This makes our products 100% risk free, other than the risk of falling in love ... and that is another guarantee!

Whether you are looking for great products or a great money making opportunity, you have found the best!