Today an exciting new book from the emerging UK fantasy writer Wayne Schreiber enters the market with an interesting new slant on the truth behind one of England’s most historical figures.  He portrays the story of Queen Boudicca not as the rebellious queen who almost forced the Romans out of ancient Britain, but instead as the hunter of an undead scourge that have infested the island.  Amazingly as the story is retold it fits perfectly into the only remaining historical accounts of the time – the Romans authors Tacitus and Dio. After reading their accounts of history this fantasy interpretation begins to make sense.  A recommended read if you enjoy historical fiction, dark fantasy, a touch of horror or just a bloody yarn.

Wayne Schreiber has been writing Fantasy novels in the UK for the past four years producing a series of books called the Tanarian Chronicles that focuses on the myths behind popular British figures, predominantly Merlin the magician and what became of him when he disappeared from history.  His books are aimed at the more mature reader and are often graphic in nature.