We’ve prepared a full-featured technical e-publishing solution for presenting and distributing e-books, as demonstrated by select and finely produced novels and short stories now available on Web-e-Books®.

Our e-publishing solution enables reading on virtually all PCs, Macs, iPads, Android tablets, Play Books, smartphones, and e-readers like Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook equipped with browser access to the Internet.

Our goal is to introduce writers of significant literature to the exciting Web-e-Books® e-publishing solution - an alternative to the mass processed “big-box” e-book outlets with restrictive technology and seemingly unprofitable pricing.

Please visit the e-publishing section of our website at http://www.web-e-pub.com to learn more about our e-publishing services and publishing mission. And, visit http://www.web-e-books.com, to see the colorful and artistic pages of our unique e-book sales carousel and distribution solution. From this page, you can experience reading a Web-e-Book by immediately sampling a free short story on your laptop, mobile tablet, iPhone, or other connected device. Just click on the Read My Titles drop down or a Sample cover from the carousel and begin reading.

Among the many Web-e-Books features is our own Cache-It™ technology, a publishing industry first that establishes secure access to both online and offline reading of HTML5 Web-e-Books®. We’ve also released our new ImageDrop™ technology. It’s our breakthrough way of enabling authors to tastefully include HTML5 images such as charts, diagrams, tables, pictures, or other digital art in their e-books. As an author or publisher, you’ll appreciate the read anywhere, anytime flexibility of automatically stored e-books, and the extra rights protection from our authorization process.

We publish narrative, unrestrained, adult-market, modern period novels; including fiction of realism, historic, speculative, and other mainstream genres within the parameters of our slogan: Where Reality and Fiction Collide.

We seek works offering compelling social messages, strong character development, captivating narrative, and rolling action. We also consider dramatic non-fiction, adult-market stories; including journals, diaries, essays, and theories, documentaries, philosophy, social awareness topics, character histories, letters (reformatted), and biographies from within the modern era.

E-mailed manuscripts submissions are welcome at: info@tri-screenconnection.com