We are a Company the focuses on helping small businesses build online presence.

For $39.00 you get the following package generally valued $200+:

•     Website design & development
•     Your own .Com
•     One year free hosting ($24 each additional year)
•     SEO optimization (we help your site show up on search engines)
•     Unrivaled customer service
•     Social media connections e.g. Facebook, Twitter ect.
•     Connection to Google Maps—making your business easy to find
•     Access to a team of individuals who understand small business

Q: If your service is valued so high how can you offer it so cheap?
A: Our Company is a start-up wishing to build our portfolio. We understand the best way to do this is to award our customers enough to create buzz. Additionally we have found ways to cut costs by hosting our own servers ect.

Q: What makes your Company qualified to work for small businesses?
A: Our President has a vast experience working with small businesses coming from a family full of successful small business owners. Additionally our president has a Bachelors Degree in Entrepreneurship from Central Michigan University, a degree which focuses on small business.

Q: Will I have access to my sites content?
A: Yes, we believe transparency is the best way to conduct business. As such we offer you 24/7 access to your online content.

Q: Do you have any experiences with creating E-Commerces?
A: Yes, although like other webdevelopers we have to charge more money to create one. Due to factors encluding the time frame needed to create one and the catalog size. However we are still able to offer you an unbeatable rate of $50-$200 depending on the size of your Company's product catalog.

Q: I hear a lot of people say their rates are the best around, how do I know you are not lying to me?
A: We encourage you to look around and do your own research. We are confident enough we are the best valued company for your absolute satisfaction.