Hi. My name is Richard Law. I am The Web Design Specialist. I run a webdesign company based in Frankston, Melbourne, Australia.

For over 5 years I have been  providing small business owner's like you with professional web site design services. My prices are cheap. My quality isn't.

The websites I build are affordable and professional at the same time!

Small Business Web Design::::

I understand the needs of the small business owner well because I run one myself. A small business website needs to be more than a fancy branding exercise.

* The primary purpose of a business web site is to generate more business *

That's what I give you. A site that will help your business grow.

Webdesign without the hidden charges and fees.
I also understand that you don't need unexpected hidden charges. No-one does.
Infact you dont even want ongoing monthly fees

To begin with my web design services are cheap by what my colleagues charge.
And they include free hosting for the first year with no other on-going monthly charges.

No hidden costs or surprises here. I'll even tell you my prices right here on my website. Not many other webdesigners do that.

Prices start at a low $595 for business web design and $995 for eCommerce web site design

Professional Web Design

Now just because my prices are cheap don't think that these are hastily thrown together frontpage web templates that any 1st year uni student can do - these are professional sites.

They look good. Just have a look at my portfolio

But more importantly as a business owner myself I understand what makes a website a success.  After all I make my living directly from my own website. So I know how to do this personally from my own experience.
I will help you do the same.

SEO Services to get your site a high rank in google

Your website will be designed to be as search engine friendly as possible. But depending on how competitive your target market is, you might need some further help.

A top ten rank in google often relies on more than just good website design and content (though this is important).

So also I offer an affordable SEO service (search engine optimisation) to help you achieve top ten rankings for your site across many search engines and for many keyphrases

Get a free webdesign quote

Let me see if I can help you. Visit my website for a no obligation web design quote.
And for a limited time just asking for a quote will get you a free web hosting account.