West Trax is an internationally operating enterprised which specialises in the optimisation of value creation from SAP® systems. This is achieved by the identification and monetary valuation of optimisation potentials in the areas of costs, productivity, performance and quality.

With its product range KPI Scan®, KPI Optimiser® and KPI QA® West Trax offers solutions that enable more efficient company processes. Typical application areas are re-standardisation in combination with business process optimisation, release upgrades, outsourcing, system consolidations and splits of SAP systems. West Trax also offers solutions in the field of management information systems. These are pre-defined modules that are quickly ready to use and promise immediate customer benefits.

Founded in 2003, the company is based in Germany and the UK with offices in Austria and Switzerland, and is privately owned. With more than 1,400 completed SAP analyses in 15 different industries, the West Trax benchmark data base offers good comparison possibilities with relevant key performance indicators (KPIs).