About Wheel Houz

Wheel Houz, LLC is a privately held company focused on providing children, ages 4-18, with a new way of looking at information and themselves by helping them develop, ask and answer questions about themselves, others and the world.  The Company’s patent-pending, inquiry-based applications are structured to allow children to navigate information, formulate responses and self-publish these responses in a visual, profile-based game format and are grouped into Personal Values & Self-Assessment, Group Values, Social & Civic Values and Topics for Integration Series.  In the Topics Series, applications are grouped into areas such as Movement, Communication, Cycles, Societies, Influential People, Commerce and Stories and carry titles such as “What Makes News, News?,” and “In What Ways Do People Move?”  Across the board, applications are presented in sets of ten questions with accompanying answer placement rules.  Other areas the Company is working on applications for include entrepreneurship, activism and personal health.

Built on an, interface layer innovation that makes customization for multiple educational and social purposes extremely efficient, Wheel Houz self-assessment applications were first embraced by It’s My Life®, an award winning PBS Kids website for Tweens.  The Wheel Houz online self-assessment game, developed under license by It’s My life can be viewed at (http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/games/wheelhouz).