White Cottage Publishing Company offers expert proofreading, editing, writing, book design and layout, and a complete line of book shepherding services including pre-press publishing services, and the now-essential ebook publishing options necessary for any author publishing a book. Unlike many other book publishing and editing services, which outsource many of their essential services to unknown third parties, we make a commitment to our writers that everything will be done in-house with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

NOTICE TO EDITORS AND BOOK AGENTS: White Cottage Publishing Company has special rates for editors looking for a company to self-publish their client's book project. We can typeset your book, generate proofs, and develop book covers. We can do all of these services to your specifications, at a reasonable cost to you and your authors. We also offer referral bonuses as well.

We ensure that our services will be accurate, reliable, and very affordable. Our services are not only professional, but we always give you the personal attention you deserve! We are always available by phone, and we will give you daily e-mail updates to let you know what progress we have made on your book project. We give you the support a self-publishing author needs, allowing you to focus on your writing, while having the confidence that we will help you every step along the way to becoming a published author.