World Institute of Surgical Excellence (WISE) is a medical tourism corporation that provides world class, specialized, American accredited, healthcare to North American patients. WISE represents a healthcare cluster of three Joint Commission International accredited hospitals, one American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities accredited ambulatory clinic, and 19 world renown surgeons. WISE is the largest medical tourism company in the world with 7 offices located throughout the United States in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Miami, as well as an office in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The value proposition that exists for WISE patients is that they are able to escape the outrageous cost of healthcare in the United States as they seek care in Costa Rica at facilites that have the same accredidation as the United States (Joint Commission International) with surgeons that even continue their education in the U.S. by attending conferences, trainings and meetings. In addition, WISE patients recieve a higher quality of care than they are able to in the U.S. (as ranked by the World Health Organization), save 70% on average off the cost of having the procedure done at home and are able to recuperate in the beautiful, tropical paradise of Costa Rica before returning home.

WISE arranges every detail of the medical trip for each and every patient including: flights, transportation, hotel, hospital stay, surgeon, recovery retreat, calls with family, and aftercare back in North America.

WISE has facilitated nearly 3,000 North American patients to date through their team in Costa Rica.