W-Locate is the innovator behind the well-acclaimed products, FIND and XimLoc. FIND combines tracking technologies and tracking analytics to empower fleet and assets owners to remotely track, manage and protect its fleet and valuable assets. Most importantly with the analytics of FIND, fleet owners can leverage on FIND to increase the productivity of its fleet. FIND is remote vehicle diagnostics, incident detections systems, and fleet operation management all rolled into one. FIND is currently adopted by more than 2000 vehicles, of which many of these fleet owners are MNCs and large public listed enterprises in Singapore and Malaysia.

First in the world, XimLoc delivers a SIM-Based tracking system that can accurately track any mobile handset in both indoor and outdoor locations. XimLoc is a proprietary technology, which uses information and signals that are available from the GSM (2G/3G) network to compute positions. XimLoc uses an applet (that resides in a SIM card) to send back to a backend XimLoc server, which will calculate the most probable location based on WLC’s Patent-Pending algorithm. XimLoc has been vigorously tested and has been proven to be as accurate as GPS while addressing the limitations of GPS, i.e. inability to track indoor and heavy power consumption. W-Locate expect XimLoc to be deployed heavily for workforce tracking in Asia. XimLoc has already secured 2 major telecommunications companies to launch its services in South East Asia. XimLoc is also currently in talks with telecommunications companies in other parts of Asia and the Middle East.