The Workmanship Groups (www.workmanshipgroups.synthasite.com) is a MN-based interactive volunteer organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of those we share our communities with through volunteer and service work.

We promote and advance our mission interactively by:

  *Providing and promoting opportunities for community engagement.
  *Increase greater issue awareness and participation.
  *Collaborate with other like-minded organizations to promote their missions.

It is our goal is to give every individual the opportunity to express themselves through volunteer and service work. We also strive to provide the opportunities to explore, educate, and to raise awareness about the issues that are important to all of our members.  

Whether it is raising money for childhood cancer research, starting a nursing home visitation group, or organizing a neighborhood clean-up day, we believe in giving each and every one of our volunteers the opportunity, support, and resources to plan and to act on behalf of the cause that is important to them.