Y Millz  makes music to escape life's tribulations. Making sure that his music reaches one fan at the time; he calls them "Ski Ski" supporters. Y Millz feels at home while performing on stage; and he is ready to travel to any great venues big or small; close or far. Riches and fame that's part of the package and journey and it will come naturally.

Life can be very stressful at times and the only thing that makes him feel good is when he is in his element making music; working on a movie set or creating new designs for his clothing line "Grind or Die Hustle or Starve."

Everything Y Millz does is with his fans in mind. When he made his first TV appearance on the Eric Andre Show on the finale episode of the 3rd season; in a spoof as Eric Andre's shooter. His second role was as Prince for The Gospel, based on the life of Alicia keys.
Y Millz, was featured in the News 12 Bronx, giving away fidget spinners for free to the first 100 kids to help spread Autism awareness. Attendees say the event was a great way to encourage positivity in the community.

Y Millz Quote: "Take your time and listen carefully every song comes to life when you listen and close your eyes you see the picture."

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