I'm Ricardo, founder of Yokeconnect. Here at Yokeconnect our sole purpose is to revolutionize the hospitality industry,  modernize it from its antiquated state, making the hospitality recruitment sector easier, more cost effective and more connected. How are we doing this? Yokeconnect is an international subscription based recruitment website for the hospitality industry.

√ International: locally or abroad, you will find the needed staff you require.
√ Subscription based: cost effective, with our system you can hire as many employees as needed at no additional fees.
√ Direct link: direct communication between employers and employees, no middle man changing facts and promises.
√ Full house: from chefs to housekeepers, admin’s to restaurant staff, it's all there.
√ Control: having no middle man (agency) to go through, your in total control of who you hire and your job options.