Your Expat Partner

We are happy to introduce YEP LLC! YEP stands for Your Expat Partner. We offer solutions both for organizations working with expatriates and for the expatriate partners. YEP provides individualized and specific information, support, coaching and consulting about living, working and learning in the Atlanta area. YEP is founded by Karen de Groot and Margriet van de Steeg, two Dutch professionals and experienced trailing expatriates living in the Atlanta area. With YEP we follow our own career dreams; connecting our passion and professional talents with the opportunity to work part-time.

We believe in dual careers

Extensive research shows that partner issues can make or break the success of expatriate assignments. Expatriate trailing partners include highly educated and experienced professionals. Employment has a positive impact on the wellbeing of expatriate trailing partners. We believe that expatriate partners will flourish when they have opportunities to use their professional talents. We also think that Atlanta companies gain from creating work opportunities for international experienced professionals who provide flexible delivered services in a cost effective way.

* 75% of expatriate partners that do not work in the host location would like to do so. - Survey Permits Foundation and The Trailing Spouse.”

Categories of services

We provide three categories of services:

YEP Work Experience Support
Prepare, advice, support and coach expatriate partners for finding (part-time) work opportunities. For example: support with creating an American resume, practicing for an interview and networking. Work opportunities can be: unpaid internship for those partners that do not have a valid work permit, paid internships, projects and part-time positions. We work together with companies to create work opportunities.

YEP Information Resource
Our website includes information about working, learning and living in the Atlanta Area. We also provide individualized information delivered through internet and (phone) conversations about preparing for, arriving and integrating in the Atlanta Area. This information can be professional and/or personal. We also provide relocation advice and individual coaching related to working, learning, living and assimilating in the US and more specific, the Atlanta Area.

YEP Consultancy
We provide consultancy to organizations about their expatriate partner programs and relocation. We connect professionals with consulting, project and/or part-time work opportunities that arise in the network. We are committed to “practice what we preach” and provide consulting and coaching services in our own professional fields: internet marketing, communication, human resources management and organization development.

YEP empowers women
We empower women in the Atlanta area to follow their own professional path and YEP supports women in pursuing their professional dreams. We include a network for women who wish to continue their career abroad. Our added value is our passion, commitment and dedication. We don’t have to work, we want to work and use our professional talents.  We invite you to join our conversation and discover the YEP capabilities!  Visit our website www.yourexpatpartner.com