YourSmartCart.com is a online grocery store that ships groceries directly to customers doors in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

How it Works:

Customers can place an order online, just like an other e-commerce website. The groceries are then shipped through UPS to the customer's door in 3-4 days.

SmartCart has more than 1,300 products from which to choose.

At any point during shopping, you may create a grocery list from the items currently in your cart. When you return to shop the next time, you can shop directly from that list.

Orders more than $125 ship for free. In addition, returns are free.

Company Philosophy:

SmartCart was founded on the principle that our lives are affected profoundly by the way we eat. Meals impact our health and well-being, a substantial amount of socializing takes place during meals, and a great meal can even lift our spirits and improve our happiness.

And our eating decisions begin at the grocery store.

SmartCart helps you to make better decisions at the grocery store so that you can fundamentally improve your diet, and consequently your life.

We are currently focusing SmartCart's efforts on improving the grocery shopping process. Our goals lie in several areas:

     1)  To make shopping an easy, fluid process
     2)  To help you save time, allowing you to spend it focusing on more important things in life
     3)  To help you save money, by minimizing impulse purchasing decisions and reducing your need to dine out