Zelia's Thinking Spot is dedicated to promoting “The Samaritan Awareness,” and the essence of expert nursing and evidence-based practice to novice, exhausted, and burned-out nurses. In 1860, Florence Nightingale defined nursing as, “The act of utilizing the environment of the patient to assist him in his recovery.”  I would like to contribute to the literature with my definition of nursing, “In Character: The “passion” in “compassion” for human welfare, values, and dignity. This passion produces kind and caring behavior to all humanity with considerate neutrality. Fundamentally, compassion maintains eagerness to help feed, clean, protect, support, and encourage the sick or weak. This cornerstone of nursing is founded on a code of ethics and education that produces a personal policy of accountability for one’s own actions. In Appearance: An honorable example of professionalism radiating cleanliness, neat attire, mastery of skill, impeccable manners, and generosity.”

As nurses, it is easy to get wrapped up in the diagnosis, evidence-based practice, and nursing care plans portion of nursing, however, we need to also focus on ourselves as people and encourage each other to succeed in their very special line of work.  We want to encourage our fellow nurses not only to meet the standards that are set for them, but also to go far beyond them. With nursing journals and support groups available, nurses do have options for getting encouragement, but this online format is a convenient and time-effective way to help nursing assistants, nursing students, novice nurses as well as expert nurses grow not only professionally but personally, too.  With encouraging articles to get you through a tough assignment, or informational articles about evidence-based practice, we have the information you need. Whether you are looking for postings for nursing jobs or certified nursing assistant jobs, or for info about a nursing agency, we can help.

Nurses are invited to share life stories reflecting realities of practice spanning the medical field, from expert nursing-mentors, to the novice and to nursing students as well. Share your experiences from looking for jobs, or surviving nursing school, to books that you like and feel would benefit others. Feel free to comment on current nursing school standards or scholarships that are available to those entering nursing school. This site aims to offer more than what simple support groups can offer. We invite you to experience a comfortable place to share or vent. We aim to offer a group of friends that lifts you up unlike traditional support groups that merely help you cope. The focus of sharing is devoted to performance enhancement, while at the same time, balancing a nurse’s significance as a human being. Increasing the standard of excellence while increasing evidence-based practice knowledge will create more well-informed nurses and will thus increase the level of patient care.  Our format is strategic in the encouragement of sharing positive experiences. The intention and purpose is to convey ”The Samaritan Awareness” and thus uplift the reader to a higher realm of nursing. Expert nurses need rejuvenation, new nurses need direction, nursing students need education and we offer all of those things. We also offer job postings whether it’s for nursing jobs or certified nursing assistant jobs. Whether you want to work for a hospital, private clinic or nursing agency, we have the information that can help you obtain your goals. We also have information about scholarships for nursing students, links to Nursing journals with important information, and encouraging stories from those that are in the expert-nursing category.

We also encourage nurses to smile, laugh, internalize, and rejuvenate their passions—share dreams and acts of kindness. Discuss articles that you found encouraging from Nursing journals, or books. Share experiences such as working for a nursing agency or developing a creative nursing care plan or just brag about a tough diagnosis that you got right. Nurses are special and we need to bond together to make sure we can all be the very best nurses we can. We also have a very special responsibility; we must educate and encourage the nursing students and nursing assistants by showing them how to provide expert care to those who need it most. We must also help those with certified nursing assistant jobs improve their skills and encourage them to continue their education. By discussing jobs, nursing books, nursing school advice, local support groups or scholarships that are available to help a nursing assistant become an RN, we want to help novice nurses to expert nurses become the strongest nurse they can be. We are coming together to build competence for novice nurses, advance effectiveness to the exhausted (or burned-out), and also encourage the striving nurse with manners that make one sparkle and be seen as truly awe-inspiring.