At Zimmer & Jee our goal is to make caring for your baby & toddler a little easier by offering you a great selection of products that have proven to be successful.  A love of children, a need for excellent quality, reliable and affordable products and an overwhelming desire to make little people & their parent's happy by making daily life a little easier; are the ethics that started Zimmer & Jee...they are the core values of what I do everyday!

Both my babies suffered feeding difficulties, chronic allergies, asthma, ezcema and intolerances.  They suffered a range of reactions & to many products & food that you wouldn't expect, making it critical that I found clothing, toys and feeding products that wouldn't cause them reactions and that would make daily life easier on all of us.  I also found getting by on one income challenging, so I spent a great deal of time searching for the appropriate products they needed, that I could actually afford!

Everything on my website has been tried an tested with my own little people - products that I love and think are fabulous are all here.  At Zimmer & Jee my goal is to make caring for your baby & toddler a little easier by offering you a great selection of products that have proven to be successful.  I offer you the best in:

* BABY CLOTHING - fashion, organic & bamboo from premmie sizes *
* TODDLER CLOTHING - fashion & organic in sizes 1 to 3, both boys & girls *
* BABY SHOES - leather, cotton, organic, bamboo, quality pre-walkers *
* TODDLER SHOES - leather, cotton, quality new-walkers *
* BABY FEEDING - BPA FREE bottles, plates, bowls, cutlery *
* TODDLER FEEDING - BPA FREE drink bottles, cutlery, containers *
* BABY TEETHING - BPA free, organic, natural & developmental *
* BABY & CHILD BATH & BODY CARE - natural, organic, vegan *
* TOYS - low allergy, organic cotton, wooden, developmental, activity *
* TOTSEAT portable highchair *
* KANOE organic baby hammock *
* HANDMADE - Kindy Easy Sheets, Kiddy Stuff Bags, Low Allergy Toys

But you'd be mistaken if you thought Zimmer & Jee was just "another kids online store ".  I've spent so many hours searching for products my boys could use, and then worked on developing excellent supplier relationships so I could offer these products at affordable prices.  You'll find some products and brands that aren't readily available. And as much as I like to support Australian business and other work from home mums; I'm more focused on offering you what I believe are the best products in the categories I keep.  Adding to the value at Zimmer & Jee we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over just $50.

We're constantly evolving the store and expanding product lines as my boys grow and I use other products that prove to be fantastic. Currently I'm developing a comprehensive range of organic, natural, bpa free and eco friendly options.  Check out our "Shop Green" category.