Laney Smith is an author living in Southern California, approximately 60 miles outside of Los Angeles. She is best known for her romantic mystery series, the Lock Creek:Time Capsule Series. She has written numerous articles for local newspapers and was first published at the age of 19 when one of her poems was selected for an anthology, following a poetry contest. To date, Ms. Smith has also contributed several short stories to be published in anthologies with the purpose of raising funds for charity - The American Cancer Society and The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. She has also written her first stand alone horror novel, showcasing her varied abilities, spanning multiple genres. Her future goals involve having The Lock Creek: Time Capsule Series adapted for film - whether television or the box office. She is driven and enjoys every challenge put before her. Gaining new followers every day, Ms. Smith is looking forward to a long and exciting career in the literary world and looks forward to seeing where this road will lead her next.