CazVid is improving the job search and job screening process.  For years, job listings and job resumes were written.  Little by little, companies have started to present their job openings in video formats and job seekers have recorded video resumes.  

The advantage of a video resume is clear.

The superiority of presenting a company and a job listing in a video format is pretty obvious as well.

CazVid is the first, largest, and only free, easy to use, video job board.  All the job seekers on CazVid record a short video resume.  All the job listings on CazVid are short video job openings.

Employers can view video job resumes and communicate directly with the job seekers on CazVid.  Similarly, Job seekers can view video posts of job openings and communicate directly with employers.

CazVid was designed to help candidates show their personality, their charisma and their excitement about their future job.   Finally, CazVid believes that employers need to sell themselves as well.  CazVid was designed to help employers present their business and job openings in a video format to encourage employees to work for them.

CazVid a worldwide app for local and remote, full time jobs, part time positions, gigs, business opportunities and income related training.