Terri B. Jones, founder of Terri B. Jones Live is an Author, Courses, Videos and Amazon Skills Developer. Terri graduated from Phoenix University in 1984 with a degree in Computer Programming and University of Phoenix in 2003 with a degree in Business Information Systems. Terri has worked in IT for over 31 years. Technology, education, and entrepreneurship have been my passion since I was a teenager with six streams of income. Terri B. Jones Live is an opportunity for Terri to utilize her expertise in technology, education, and entrepreneurship while simultaneously impacting the lives of youth in our community who can build upon and need these skills to be competitive in a tech driven society.

Terri B. Jones has authored 13 how-to books with a #2 Best Seller on Amazon, "Cat Salim Gets Her Wish".  Her book "Kids Cooking" was nominated for a 2018 Author Academy Award, an honor bestowed for literary merit and publishing excellence in the writing and publishing industry.  

Terri B. Jones Live is a weekly show produced by Terri to share financial empowerment strategies every Wednesday at 6pm est. on Facebook.  She also is the co-author of "The Three Key Strategies to Financial Success Workbook" along with her husband Thomas Jones.  As financial literacy advocates, you can listen to them every Monday at 6pm est. on 1360 AM WCGL/ FM 94.7 radio during their Thomas and Terri Financial Empowerment Half An Hour Show.

Terri B. Jones is an administrator of Facebook Group, Black Owned Business Jacksonville, FL, and teaches video marketing content creation ideas on a weekly basis.

In her community, she is a reading advocate at The Daniel Center, Daniel Kids and has been involved with Womenade for 13 years.

Terri B. Jones is also passionate about teaching kids kitchen safety skills and financial literacy.  Feel free to reach out by email to book a kitchen safety or financial literacy class.