Comfort Babalogbon is considered one of our generation's leading authorities on the delivery of attitudinal peak performance and change management methodology designed specifically for the global black community.

With over 15 years experience, she has project managed numerous government and private organizations' workforce and community development programs, in addition to coaching executives, business owners and individuals on a one-on-one basis. Her uniquely universal perspective on how to overcome challenges so as to maximize one's potential as a black person speaks to issues every black man and woman will recognize.

She is an inspirational speaker, coach, and author, and she is the founder and president of Black Achievers Training & Coaching Academy - www.batacacademy.com. An organization devoted to the development of individuals and organizations within the global black community.

A leading authority on peak performance and attitudinal change management programs, Coach Comfort has a powerful knowledge of how things work as a black person and how you, as a black person, can creatively manage life to your best advantage.

Coach Comfort has of recent developed and delivered the unique P.R.I.M.E™ program, which draws on combining black culture and change management methodology via its integration into training and coaching practices that is tailored specifically for the black community.