Welcome to Crowded Earth Kitchen!
Promoting Wellness, Preserving Our Planet

Food traditions are central to every culture across humanity, and should be celebrated! Crowded Earth Kitchen is your source for exploring food experiences (recipes and stories) which are gentle on the earth and promote wellness in three important ways. First, healthy foods which nurture our physical wellness will be prominently featured here. Second, budget-conscious kitchen habits which promote financial wellness will be shared. Third, indulgent recipes will be occasionally offered, but only if they are alive with beautiful stories which promote the cultural wellness of our Crowded Earth.

Crowded Earth Kitchen is maintained by two women who know each other better than they know themselves!  Betsy is a chemist who prefers to keep the kitchen and the laboratory quite separate, a PhD educator, and a Mom.  She wears all three hats – in reverse order – while cooking.  Carly Ellen is an author and food traveler who incorporates delicious recipes into each of her stories.  She has a minor obsession with French boulangeries, and is sublimely happy with a fresh baguette and cup of espresso in any European cobblestoned square.  How to Bake a Chocolate Soufflé, the first book of Carly Ellen’s new food fiction series was released in late 2014.

You will find new recipes posted every 48 hours, so remember to check in often!  Periodically, you will find new, valuable information on food-related wellness and environmental issues under Food for Thought.  Feel free to join in the conversation and post your thoughts on these topics.  Canning tips, lighthearted fun, free giveaways, and other fun surprises are tucked into the nooks and crannies of Crowded Earth Kitchen, so go ahead – look around and make yourself comfortable.

Please enjoy all that Crowded Earth Kitchen has to offer.  Your questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome!