Enlightenment is Here is a unique online center for living and expanding your conscious awareness so that you can live a richer more fulfilling life. We offer free advice, videos and articles, as well as courses, products, coaching, yoga and healing designed to help catapult you to success. Find out the truth about enlightenment and how to live a spiritual life.  

Beth Rosen is the principal of Enlightenment is Here. She is a professor of yoga with over 800 hours of certified training from world-renowned enlightened master Sri Yogi Hari. She is also a healer who has studied with world-renowned healers such as Barbara Brennan and Daskalos trained healer Ron Wilding.

She uses enlightenment training, healing, yoga, comedy and her creative screenwriting and film making to help lift people spirits and balance all aspects of the human personality, including the physical, astral and causal bodies. Her unique talents give her the ability to accelerate clearing emotional, mental and intellectual blocks that keep the soul from moving forward on their life path.

In addition to working with all forms of disease, she specializes in healing post-traumatic stress disorder, brain dysfunction, addictions, depression and infertility. Her healings are done on a cellular level and can be performed either in person or long distance. She uses the energy of universal love, which can heal the worst of traumas and help to awaken dormant aspects of the individual, including one’s innate natural gifts. She also works with divine templates and the flower of life for healing disease.

She offers books of wisdom, enlightened children's books and CD's of songs that remind us that we are not alone in the journey of life. Online courses and teleseminars will be available shortly.

Private healings, yoga sessions and life-coaching are also available upon request.