In 2011, a group of like-minded people with a shared appreciation of the important place Slavic literature holds within world culture – as well as collective expertise covering the fields of publishing, multimedia, marketing, and law – came together to found Glagoslav Publications, with offices in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands.

The name Glagoslav is formed from the roots of two Slavic words: Glagolitsa (Глаго́лица) or Glagolitic – the first Slavic alphabet, and Slavyanye (Славя́не) or Slavs – the largest ethnolinguistic group in Europe. The name Glagoslav is an expression of our mission – not just to bring translations from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus to the English- and Dutch-reading public, but to offer works that are uniquely Slavic in nature.

Glagoslav will not only publish contemporary fiction and non-fiction by authors from these three countries but will also republish valuable works from the past that, despite their enduring relevance, are currently unavailable in English and Dutch. Our books are produced in soft- and hardcover, as well as in the most popular electronic formats for English and Dutch readers, both adult and children. The target audience we have in mind when we select our books is extremely diverse and is spread all across the planet. What its members have in common is an interest in the literature, culture, and history of Eastern Europe and an appreciation of high quality writing. To ensure that the quality of the translation matches that of the original, we work with experienced translators who have demonstrated the necessary expertise and literary gifts appropriate to each project.

We closely follow all the latest innovations in physical and electronic publishing to bring our readers books that are visually appealing and pleasant to read. We guarantee that both our paper and electronic editions will be of the highest quality. Our books will be available through major retail networks and local bookshops in English- and Dutch-speaking countries, most internet booksellers, and through our website, where you will be able to place advanced orders for upcoming publications. A well-developed distribution network enables us to offer prompt delivery of books to the homes and offices of our readers across the world. eBooks in a variety of formats will also be available for high-speed download onto computers, telephones, tablets, or eReaders. Furthermore, every Glagoslav book will have its own website offering additional multimedia background materials about our authors and the subject of their writing.

Glagoslav works with authors both directly and through literary agencies. We are willing to consider manuscripts or published works in Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian. We are always open to exploring projects of potential interest. Authors (and readers) are encouraged to contact us in any of the following languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Dutch, French, and German. You will receive a prompt reply.

We always value feedback from our readers, both their reactions to works we have already published and suggestions of works from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus they would like to see translated into English and Dutch languages.