The Intl Regulator Coaching & Mentoring is registered in the United Kingdom and is regulated by the Regulator of Community Interest Companies which ensures transparency and provides a benefit to the community it serves - the buying public!

The IRCM lifts the veil on the coaching and mentoring industry and provide a register of genuine coaches, mentors, accreditation bodies, trade/professional associations, and training course providers.  It provides information to the buying public without any bias.

The IRCM has a duty of care to the coaching and mentoring buying public.  The IRCM Register does not require the coaches, mentors, accreditation bodies, trade/professional organisations, and training providers to pay to be registered.

Accreditation bodies officially approved by governmental or equivalent bodies have a duty of care to their members; while Trade and Professional associations have a duty of care to their members, and Training Organisations have a duty of care to their students.

The IRCM is the first independent body to create a register of coaches and mentors are practicing and maybe in employment or currently trading.  Two years and thousands of hours has been spent doing the initial research to create the initial register with more adding themselves every day.

The register shows information, held in the public domain or updated by the coach or mentor or organisation and provides details of the coach or mentors qualification and competence.  The competence is provided by an Accreditation Body or Trade/Professional Organisation with the qualification provided by a Training Organisation.