The future success of an organization is shaped by its people. We are passionate about finding the best people, building successful teams and adding value to your organization through leadership excellence. Selecting a new employee is a critical decision that requires a comprehensive approach to maximize success and minimize the risk of the hire.

We will develop a close partnership with you, focusing on your strategic issues, search requirements and culture. We will use our expertise to offer you complete confidentiality and a comprehensive service. We are committed to building a relationship that ensures the successful identification, onboarding and development of the chosen individual.

For the first time in the HR and recruitment sector, Keynote Group has brought
together the expertise of boutique service providers that cover the entire spectrum
of talent management. As an employment lifecycle company we bring deep expertise in
talent search and recruitment and combine it with proven selection, evaluation, onboarding and
coaching solutions. This will dramatically increase the odds of gaining a competitive advantage from
your talent.
The statistics around traditional recruitment processes, productivity levels and employee retention are
staggering– not in a good way. 22% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days. It is no secret that an
engaged, motivated and productive workforce can be the critical factor of organizational success. Yet, with limited
budgets, time and/or internal resources, people often fall short of expectations and organizations experience turnover or
reduced output. Many companies are ignoring the deep impacts of not offering a comprehensive onboarding program, despite
spending more money and time on recruiting. Keynote provides you with access to the support mechanism required to improve
your engagement, retention, development and succession opportunities. Ultimately, we give you a better chance to recruit, onboard
and develop exceptional people. We have reengineered recruitment and coupled it with the best processes around onboarding, coaching,
team dynamics, engagement and development to provide you with a holistic solution to talent management.