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Manley Rods manufactures top of the line fishing rods that feature the revolutionary and game-changing MRF System, or Adjust-A-Butt System, that allow anglers to adjust the length of their rod butt on the fly.

This system is the first major innovation to fishing rods in over 50 years. Being able to adjust the length of your rod butt makes your rod more versatile, as it allows you to use one rod for multiple techniques. You can keep the butt short so it's not in your way as you're working a lure, but then extend it out in an instant to make a long two-handed cast or for more leverage while fighting a big fish.

These rods feature one of the best rod blanks in the world, as well as top of the line components like the Microwave Guide System, which is the hottest selling guide system in the world.

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