Massmouth is a non-profit, volunteer-led organization that promotes and fosters the timeless art of storytelling in Massachusetts. Since 2008, Massmouth has given a voice to those who want to tell stories while building a community for them and those who want to listen.

Storytellers from all over the state have participated in Massmouth events and slams in the Greater Boston area.  Thousands of regular people from all walks of life, young and old, have bared their souls on topics ranging from "Lost Loves" to "Debauchery."  Winners of slams continue to compete to advance to the annual "Big Mouth Off" to gain recognition as Massmouth's best storyteller in Boston.

Massmouth is a vital part of the resurgence of storytelling as people crave a chance for reflection, laughter and sharing the human experience. Storytellers offer true life tales in intimate venues that foster conversation and connection between the tellers and the audience.

Massmouth partners with schools, organizations, and businesses on special storytelling events or to help them to develop their own stories. Massmouth partners include The City of Boston, WGBH, Emerson University and Club Passim.

Massmouth has won these local and national storytelling awards:

Hugh Morgan Hill (Brother Blue) Award from LANES.org -- a regional non-profit that promotes storytelling.
Oracle Award from the National Storytelling Network (NSN) for our contribution to storytelling in our community.
Multiple Boston Cultural Council awards and grants that helped Massmouth produce dozens of low-cost/ free storytelling events across the Boston area.