McMillan Media Filmworks is an independent film production company that works to effect positive change through Films, Documentaries, Television Projects, and advocacy work and events. McMillan Media Filmworks strives to work on projects that showcase Equal Rights, Animal Rights, Antibullying and Antidiscrimination, and Environmental causes.

The Founder Cassidy McMillan, is an Actress/Writer/Producer and Public Speaker who speaks on social causes including antibullying, bullycide prevention, and animal rights.

Current Film projects include:

The award-winning, powerful, and gripping Documentary Film on Bullying and Bullycide,
"RATS & BULLIES" (www.RatsAndBullies.com), whose story was featured on the "OPRAH Winfrey Show", the "Dr. Phil" Show, the "John Walsh Show", CNN's AC360 with Anderson Cooper, and many other U.S. and international news media.

"RATS & BULLIES" is currently available for DVD Purchase at the Film's website www.RatsAndBullies.com and is being set for distribution through a distributor.

RATS & BULLIES depicts the tragic story of 14-year old Dawn-Marie Wesley, who after being systematically bullied and threatened to death by three girls at her high school, commits suicide by hanging herself in her bedroom with her dog's leash. The incident outraged a nation, launched a groundbreaking investigation by Canada's Crown, that launched the precedent setting and revolutionary court case where for the first time in North American courts, teen girls were arrested, charged and made to stand trial for bullying. The events tore a small town apart, and changed the lives of all involved forever.

The compelling Feature Screenplay "THE TOUGHEST GIRLS" which tells the inspiring true story as featured in the Documentary "RATS & BULLIES", is currently being read at production studios for development.  THE TOUGHEST GIRLS screenplay has already won several screenwriting competition awards.

The two-minute TRAILER for the Screenplay Feature Project can be found at:


Additional Information on Cassidy McMillan can be found at www.CassidyMcMillan.com

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