Why Mesila? In Israel, the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia, Mesila is raising the Haredi community up, encouraging in a motivational way (from a young age) and teaching (with practical financial advice) to become self-sustaining and successful economically, to become Givers of Tsedaka.

Mesila’s endeavors primarily focus on the Haredi sector in Israel, the fastest growing Jewish population in Israel and also the poorest- with 59% living under the poverty line.

Large family size: of all Haredi families with children (0-18), 28% have 5 or more children versus 8% in the overall population. Over 55% of Haredi people are under the age of 16, the average household size is 6.2 (compared to 2.4 in the non Haredi Jewish population); and the birth rate driver is 6% annually.

At the same time unlike many of the communities afflicted by economic privation, the sophisticated intellectual framework of the Haredi world, its discipline and rigor coupled with its stable family-based structure, makes it an ideal candidate for successful economic rehabilitation and effective integration.