MilModa Art was started by Michelle Linger who, with qualifications in Art and Design and over 20 years experience working in the art world, wanted to create a touring gallery with high quality, original, contemporary fine art that could be appreciated not just in a static location, but by people from all over the country at chosen venues. Pop-Up Art is the name of the touring exhibitions from MilModa Art.

Over the years Michelle has built up a strong working relationship with a wide range of artists both locally, nationally and internationally. All the artists are London quality, without the high prices of a Mayfair gallery, and all have their own unique style. When you purchase one of MilModa’s exceptional paintings they are works that are one-off original exclusive pieces. We also support and display the works of emerging artists.

Milmoda gives professional advice and service. All our paintings are hand chosen and in the current economic climate, it is wise to invest in exceptional, original paintings that will look en vogue not only today but also in many years time. They are flexible to be displayed in any environment and this is why our slogan is ‘Art that can be treasured forever’.

“We hope you will purchase them and gain as much pleasure from them now and in the future as we have enjoyed choosing them specially for you”.

Michelle Linger - Proprietor
B.A.(hons) Art History, Cert Ed.