Susan E. Hickman, PhD, PsyD, is a Psychologist, entrepreneur, speaker and author who writes extensively in the field of Psychology and self-improvement.  Dr. Hickman is the founder and CEO of Mind Matters, LLC, which encompasses several enterprises including Mind Matters Publications, Psych-Assess, and inPsychlopedia.  To learn more about Dr. Hickman, please visit http://www.DrSusanHickman.com.

Dr. Hickman founded Mind Matters and inPsychlopedia because of her passion for providing high quality psychology articles and self-improvement materials for professionals and the general public. While Mind Matters houses Dr. Hickman's blog and links to material she has authored, inPsychlopedia is intended to be a national clearinghouse of articles, books, eBooks and online courses in mental health and self-improvement.  Materials on this site are designed for the general public and specific courses are also available to provide continuing education credits for mental health providers, coaches and other helping professionals. For Dr. Hickman's blog, visit http://www.MindoftheMatter.com.  To view the upcoming inPsychlopedia site (still under construction), visit http://www.susanhickman.net/inpsychlopedia/inpsychlopedia/. Contributing writers are welcome.

In addition to Mind Matters and inPsychlopedia, Dr. Hickman founded Psych Assess to provide coaching services, in-house assessments and online assessment services for individuals and organizations.  Online assessments also track treatment progress of patients during the course of treatment and track personal/career progress for individuals within organizations during the course of coaching or for regularly scheduled performance evaluations.  For more information on these services, visit http://www.Psych-Assess.com.