Parkview Publishing helps people who hurt with symptoms and pain (that doctors can't explain) by providing educational content that includes books and  a Website (StillHurtingFINDHEALTH.com) and the opportunity to join a caring community (Still Hurting? FIND HEALTH!).

There is a worldwide epidemic of interrelated symptoms and pain that doctors cannot explain with medical tests, and one in every two primary care patients suffers with them. Specialists label collections of these symptoms as symptom syndromes, called functional somatic syndromes or central sensitivity syndromes (with functional referring to how the body works and central referring to the mind/brain). Examples of these symptom syndromes include irritable bowel, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, tension headache, chronic back pain, interstitial cystitis (painful bladder), chronic prostatitis (painful prostate), and multiple chemical sensitivity.

Scientific studies confirm that medically unexplained symptoms and symptom syndromes frequently occur together and overlap, and that they are commonly associated with stress, depression, and/or anxiety. These interrelationships and associations of symptoms and syndromes are very confusing and difficult for both patients and caregivers to understand. All too often, patients leave doctors' offices feeling like the symptoms are all in their heads.

Suffers and their caregivers - doctors, nurses, psychologists, counselors, alternative practitioners, and spiritual professionals - are frustrated, fragmented, and confused. Patients are fragmented from within (with seemingly unrelated and unexplained multiple symptoms) and from without (with multiple caregivers seemingly not relating to each other about their care).

Very few see the bigger picture regarding the symptoms epidemic because no one is asking the right questions. Everyone's vision — patients and caring professionals — is blurred by lack of understanding and misunderstanding. The view of specialists is obscured by the narrow focus of their discipline, specialty, training, and insight.

Whatever their philosophical, spiritual, religious, or secular views, people will be empowered with the Still Hurting? FIND HEALTH! new model of disease. This new model integrates the wisdom of ancient healing traditions, modern science, medicine, psychology, sociology, spirituality, and faith and shows the cause of these interrelated and associated symptoms, because,


We all hurt. Life is hard, too fast, complicated, and very stressful; we weren't designed to live this way. The real dis-ease that results is dysfunction and the relational imbalance of our complex mind/brains, bodies, and souls. This is then expressed as symptoms and symptom syndromes — in epidemic proportions! However, by looking behind our symptoms and confronting what we find, we can understand how and why symptoms occur. Then, seeing the bigger picture clearly and differently, we can ask right questions to get right answers, regain our balance, and FIND HEALTH.