Smartinfo are a full service ICT (information Communication Technology) provider based in the City of London but offering nationwide coverage for Telephone systems, IT equipment and all associated services.

We were founded in 2003 and have a management team with many previous years experience  in the fixed, mobile and IT sectors. The Smartinfo mission is to serve business customers of 2-500 employees, offering cutting edge, efficiency providing and money saving solutions to help business grow and increase profits.

Smartinfo is Debt free and privately owned, with satellite regional offices in Surrey, Dorset,  Hertfordshire and Lancashire.

Executive Summary and Strategy

Smartinfo are focused on the business market specialising in the small to medium (SMB) market across all industry sectors. We are also honoured and happy to manage a select number of blue chip corporate clients from legacy and long term relationships.

Strategic Partnerships

Smartinfo provide hardware, software and telecom and IT services, all from Tier 1 carriers and manufacturers such as Samsung, Mitel, Vodafone, Blackberry, BT Wholesale, C&W, Verizon,Google and Microsoft.

Other brands we supply are Orange, O2, Tiscali, HP, Plantronic, Fortune, ATL, NMS, NEC, Intertel, Avaya (enterprise), Alcatel, Polycom, Cisco, Log-me-in/Himachi, Eaton, APC, Oak,Retell, Motarola and Titan.

Our strength is the equal understanding of all these technologies and the convergence of them to the customers benefit.