Town Center Wellness…
is located in the First Colony Community of Sugar Land, TX.  Dr. Peter Osborne is both a doctor of chiropractic as well as a Board Certified doctor of clinical nutrition. The practice focuses on both chiropractic care and natural integrative holistic care employing natural methods of treatment.  We find the answers to your medical mysteries when other forms of treatment fail.  Utilizing state of the art equipment like the ABS Spinal Decompression Table to prevent back surgery, and cutting edge laboratory testing, genetic allele screening, hormone testing, thorough physical examination, lengthy history taking, and more, we seek for the underlying causes of your health problems.  Most doctors spend only a few minutes with patients and write a prescription medication which often times only masks the symptoms of disease.

Dr. Osborne is a functional medicine physician who spends quality time with each patient.  No one is rushed or herded through the office like cattle because giving quality health care takes time.  At Town Center Wellness, you will be able to address all of your health concerns naturally.  Dr. Osborne specializes in finding answers to complex health issues. Many patients come to Town Center Wellness after being passed from doctor to doctor receiving little to no help.  Some of the complex health issues addressed at the office are listed below.