Virtue Pages is a unique business directory. In contrast to the standard for-profit business directory listing, Virtue Pages is based on the idea that businesses that support charity should be actively promoted, and that consumers looking for a trustworthy business would like to know what charities specific businesses support.

Countless businesses spend upwards of $3000 a year to advertise with yellow pages. At VirtuePages we are able to offer a much more extensive advertising format for just $24.99 a month. 50% of which is a 100% tax deductible charitable contribution. In addition to receiving advertising space for your monthly fee, you get the satisfaction and the peace of mind that come with helping those less fortunate than yourself.

In a time of economic hardship most Americans have felt the affects of our troubled economy. With our government cutting the amount of funding available to different organizations and the unemployment rate on the rise, there has been an increase in the number of people that could use a helping hand.

Many of us can look back over our lives and remember a time when someone helped us when we were down on our luck. Now it’s our turn. Let’s do our part in helping those that don’t have the means of helping themselves. This is our purpose and the reason that the founder of VirtuePages, Matt Thompson, started this online business directory.

Listing in Virtue Pages isn’t just an investment in advertising; it’s an investment in your community. We hope that as our customer base grows and our list of charities expands that we will be able to increase the charitable contribution from 50% to 75%. We are truly “the directory that gives back”, and we invite you to support our advertisers for their support of this concept.

If one less person goes to bed hungry or one more child gets to have a merry Christmas, isn’t it worth it?