We are developing an patented e-Reader that improves readers experience and at the same time creates a new global marketing solution for all types of publications on the WEB.
This is done in two steps.
First to win over the reader:
Here our e-Reader is different from all other in the sense that it will open any kind of file, so the reader can read everything on it. The most new and innovative aspect of BookWood  is the ability to make the reader virtual travel to the place which the story he is reading takes place. Let´s imagine that you are reading a book about India. The Taj Mahal is mentioned. You select the words, tap on it and a menu opens. You select "See" and "Know more". BookWood opens Google Earth, finds the Taj Mahal for you. So now you can see the place and its beauties! You also selected "Know More", BookWood goes to Wikipedia and get for you the information on the Taj Mahal and shows it to you. The reader has "Travel" and with his on "Travel info book" got all the info he needs to understand better the place and his reading! e are confident that this will win over readers from all over the globe!
Second, How to make money?
Here we had a breakthrough on the digital marketing media. Every time a reader wants to see a place, he gives us the opportunity to marketing. There are two types of ads in BookWood. First are the ads for companies. This will be placed above every country in three layers. As the reader opens Google Earth he will see the company ads as he is taken down to the ground. At the ground level, icons will appear. Each is a ad for a publication. As the reader fly about he can click on any icon and a window opens showing the information about that publication. The windows is a link to the page selected by the advertiser.
Our solution is global, not intrusive or abusive to the reader, much cheaper than present solutions, reaches every country and it is available from SPA and small, medium and large companies.