Bridge Fund Inc. realizes that the development of women and their communities requires a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach that addresses both personal and collective challenges. That is why we support projects that:
• Ensure the provision of basic necessities through health, education, and economic development initiatives
• Support holistic programs which encourage women on the path of self discovery in order to develop their physical, mental, and spiritual potentials
• Raise women and girls consciousness about their human, social, and political rights and promote advocacy and social activism through educational workshops and strategies for social change
• Encourage an attitude of collaboration and cooperation by building partnerships with all types of non-profit and governmental organizations
• Respect the interdependence of all life forms and the environment in order to develop sustainable solutions for our social and economic problems
Bridge Fund Inc. recognizes that women need to empower themselves at multiple levels – personal, interpersonal, and social. In order to meet their needs, and those of their children, a wide-range of programs are required that harness the resources of the entire community.