Had enough of life? Feeling discontent all the time? Feeling sad, depressed, angry and all alone in this big world? What if I told you there was a way to have peace instantaneously forever? What if I took away all your pain, stress, anxiety, self-doubt, loneliness and sickness? What if I gave you a cheat sheet to enter into heaven? What if I told you this book is not a self-help, psychological or religious book but is a book about thought? What if I gave you a secret formula for a different way to think about everything so you are able to find inner bliss? What if I told you there is another way of looking at things so you can be content and happy going forward with life? What if I showed you a way to make the circumstances you have to deal with and the negative people you are faced with daily to turn around into a positive light?
Join me on this journey as I teach you what I have learned and give you the tools to have eternal peace. I will explain to you why you feel the way you do, why you have conflict with others and why bad things always seem to happen. I start with showing you examples of my crazy life and ego, how I was able to let go of everything and find the truth of who I really was. The next part identifies your current state of mind and gives a detailed description on how to change it. I also offer vivid tools in a special matrix I created for you to find your true place. I have a section on how to deal with children and how to send them forth with a positive mindset. My recollections on religion, death, evolution and the bible are discussed in a way that will change your whole entire viewpoint. The way you are currently doing things is not working so you might as well take the chance to see if this book can change you forever.