Our company expertise is in helping companies and business owners keep the money they make!

For more than a decade, we have been providing an integrated system of online financial software that enables you to easily record and process accounting transactions. It also creates a number of financial reports which help you to see how your business is doing.  You are able to access it any time and from any place as long as you have an internet connection.

It has been proved that it will reduce the time spent doing your accounts.  It can also reduce the time your accountant & bookkeeper spends doing your accounts, so ultimately it can reduce the money you have to pay them.  However, they will love it as it is a proper double entry system which makes their life much easier when they have create the various legal and regulatory reports for your business.  

Many of our customers no longer use a bookkeeper and do it all themselves as it is that easy to use!  Plus they like to keep an eye on how the business is doing on a daily basis.
There are no up front costs or hidden charges; all upgrades are free; you can have as many users as you choose; your data is secure and automatically backed up more than once a day and we also provide a number of training options & free support to help you learn not only how to use our software but the principles of basic accounting.

For just a small monthly subscription fee, you too can join the CloudAccount network.

Telephone +356 20 60 12 20 or email emma@cloudaccount.com.mt