EarthDNA is a nonprofit coalition, founded by aerospace industry leaders, built to assure the sustainability of our home planet to stop the destructive impacts of climate change. We have developed an effective approach to empower every person on Earth to act, accelerate positive change, and help regenerate Earth’s systems within one decade. Led by experts in the aerospace industry, science, academia, policy, and industry, EarthDNA’s efforts in technology, industry, and education focus on ensuring the sustainability of our home planet through the intersecting design of people, technology, and the environment.

With a curated AI operating platform, we are transforming Earth’s data into actionable insights for consumers, businesses, government, and academia. In a complementary initiative, we are training future leaders to take action in their own communities through an innovative EarthDNA Ambassador training program, with the ultimate goal of creating an Earth Embassy.

The first industry-specific initiative of EarthDNA is The Footwear Collective (earthdna.org/home/the-footwear-collective/)

For more information, visit earthdna.org.